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School Motto

Our motto for Day Star School is Dignity, Equality and Responsibility, which is based on the biblical understanding of Man.

We believe that man is a spiritual being created in the image of God with the potential to reflect the nature of God. Thus this intrinsic value cannot be measured in terms of productivity, success or physical appearance. The school is committed to uphold the dignity of every individual and to help children discover their self-worth and uniqueness irrespective of academic performance.

All of us are created in the image of God, so we are all equal irrespective of our color, creed, economic status and gender. To experience this equality, the school has various programmes and projects in which children of different backgrounds are given equal opportunities to study, work and live with one another.

Man has been given dominion over nature. Man is responsible for creating better living conditions by utilizing the rich resources that are already there. Man must use his/her creative mind to discover the mysteries of the universe. Man is responsible for creating a healthy environment, not only for himself but for his neighbour too. We encourage the children to develop a sense of responsibility to society and to oneself and thus, ultimately to God.