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I was three when I entered school in 1986.  The first day was very interesting for me; everyone talked and played with me.  Our class room was in the old church building.  My most unforgettable moments were when I performed the play ‘Cinderella’ and Jungle Book (as Radha). In later years, I enjoyed playing basket ball and played for the District as well as represented the state at the National games.

Elias Sir was the father of our class. He loved and punished us; we enjoyed a lot in his class. I would like to be a teacher like him in future.

Hemkiran Sharma, 1998

My first day of School was in 1987, was a rainy day. I came with my mother, I cried and it was a painful experience. Abhishek was the head boy and never told me that I was in improper uniform.  I miss my friends Siddharth, Rajan, Chandan, Ritika, Hemkiran and many others. I can’t forget my fights with Veena and Rajan.

Dharam Chand, 1998

I enjoyed Miss Carol’s teaching as she would bribe us with sweets! Karma sir entertained us with funny stories.  I enjoyed 14th November, Children’s Day, when the whole school would go out for a picnic.  Our most unforgettable day was when our batch of Standard 9 arranged the farewell party for the out- going class 10 students.  It was the best party organized in the history of the School!

 Shaili Sharma, 1998

I spent a wonderful four years of my life in this School. I enjoyed the treks with my classmates.

Veena Thakur, 1998

I liked the Residential Sessions very much. Our teachers promised that we would have these every month but they did not fulfill their promise.  I hope to meet my friends and teachers again sometime in life.

Shipra Bansal, 1998

All the memories of the school have made a nest in my heart; wherever I go they’ll follow me like my breath. When I leave this school, it will always remain in ‘My Dreams’ I will remember to do something for my school.

Kumud Sood, 1998

My School days are the best days, I always remember them.

Good bye is a little word

That often causes pain

Close to my heart

This school will always remain.

Anupama Thakur, 1998

The most wonderful time during my School days were when teachers were not in the class.

All of us would be shouting, running and quarrelling with each other.  I also remember the Cultural program, where we danced to the tune Ta…ra…ra…ra.

Archana Shashni

The memories come like never-ending waves; I can never forget the ‘Egg Tragedy’, my inspiring teachers and Catty gang!

Bhavana Gandhi, 1998

School was a beautiful dream; there is something in the love of friends, teachers and my Day Star, and yesterday, today and forever, this will remain the same. The bad times are never to be remembered anymore. All beautiful dreams come to an end.  Is this the end of all we did or dreamt?  The memories will stir my emotions and break the dullness of life.

Thank you, Lord, for the School and the world so sweet. We are proud of you ‘Day Star’. We are glad to be part of this great family, ‘DayStarAcademy’.

Poonam Singh, 1998


My beloved School

I studied in this beloved school for twelve years. I had a great experience and learnt many things. I was not only educated academically but also in moral and spiritual values.  It was here that I was exposed to computer studies and also introduced to water sports.

I made many friends and they are forever.  It would take many pages to write all my experiences.

Jitender Kumar Garg, 1999

My life at Day Star
 I learnt many things here including cooking and gardening.  The best quality that I have gained here is to take responsibility.

Vijay Thomas, 1999


I joined this School in class 6.Every one helped me especially our Principal Mrs. Joyce Davis. I can never forget her for all the help she has given me.  I was very scared of Albert Sir and on our Farewell day he asked to take a photo with him.  Whenever I see the snap I feel delighted and a sudden smile flashes across my face.

Ajay Bodh, 2000

My life in Day Star was very interesting; I grew up and studied in this School.  The most useful and instructions I received was from Raiborde Sir, our Biology teacher.

Narender Kumar, 2000

I realized my teachers were concerned about us not only in the School but also outside.  This is the reason why we all enjoyed life in Day Star.

Avinash Kapoor, 2000

Our Principal was one of the most kind-hearted persons I can remember.  I don’t remember how many times I was taken to the Principal’s office! Each and every time I was forgiven.Everyone in this School has played an important role in my life. I cannot forget anyone.

Rakesh Rahpa, 2000


When I was young I was looked after by my parents but after joining school I was well looked after by Day Star and they instilled all the qualities in me which a good citizen of India should have.  When I first joined school there was no basketball court, no badminton court, no volleyball court, no swimming pool and no table tennis tables. We played with stones and bricks and climbed trees.  I hated the medical checkups but now I know its value.

I am really sad for not getting a farewell.

Amit, 2001

My days at Day Star have mostly been happy and joyful but sometimes I did not enjoy the School.  My best times were when I was in class ten, I felt more united with my friends.  I was more free, confident and friendly with teachers.  I was also punished several times in this class.  This is the class where I gained most of my knowledge. In other classes, studies were more like a burden. The best thing was classes taken by the visiting teachers, such as Hansraj Acharya Sir whose Physics knowledge was admirable. He was an excellent teacher and I thank him for teaching us. I also thank Ahmed sir for allowing me to come to his office to clear my doubts.

Swaraj Sir inspired me to work hard, Joyce Ma’am was always forgiving, and Raiborde Sir gave us a party when I was in class nine. Albert Sir visited my grand mother when she was in the hospital and prayed for her.

My saddest moment was when our farewell was cancelled.

Barun Sood, 2001

I joined school late in Class 1 and my English was really poor but thanks to wonderful efforts by Chheme Ma’am, I improved.  I have many unforgettable memories such as, when I performed the Punjabi dance, when I won an elocution competition and when scored the highest in Math (1997). My happiest time was when we made a trip to the GreatHimalayanNational Park.

Gitanjali Thakur, 2001

I joined this School in Class 6, we had lots of fun, playing hide and seek in the toilets and stuffing the tandoor (a steel stove used for heating in winters) with paper and wood to fill our class with smoke so that we could go out but Sheila Ma’am never took us out! I enjoyed most in Class 8 in the year 1998, I hardly studied though my marks weren’t bad. Teachers kept complaining but that made no difference.

Irmi Thakur, 2001


The best part of my life was in the School. When I compare this with my home and personal life, it is way above them. There was a lot of happiness in the School.I made lots of friends and gained worldly knowledge and Godly insight.  The most important thing the School taught me is how to deal with the difficulties and sad situations. The School also helped me develop my natural talents.

Rahul Sood, 2003

We learnt to smile here, we tasted the saltiness of our tears and the sweetness of our laughter.  When we step out of the School there is no one to support, guide, help and correct us.  But whatever we have learnt and understood here will always be with us.

Sudha Khanna, 2003


Day Star made me realize my potential in different fields of life. It made me confident and drove away all the stage fear by giving me many opportunities to participate in different programs.  I still remember when I first participated in the solo singing, my voice went shrill and I started giggling!  I am glad to be a part of this great family; I can truly sing these lines from the school song.

If I were to start my life again at Day Star, I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Tenzin Tashi, 2008

A relationship is built in the School; teachers are like friends and School is like a home.  Every Teacher had a unique style of dealing with us.  I would like to follow the right path shown by them.

Sonika Shabnam


It was a long journey. I have climbed many stairs and now reached the first floor of my studies and life.  I learnt many things and developed an unbroken relationship with teachers and classmates.  Now I am taking another path and I hope to meet them again.  It was an exciting and unforgettable journey of my life. The School was like my second home and I am not happy to leave.

Neeraj Thakur, 2008

My twelve years in School were like a complete life, teachers were like parents and they loved us equally.  Sameena Ma’m was the most humble person I have ever met in  my life.

Heena, 2008

We are not leaving the School empty handed but taking wonderful presents with us, a sack of knowledge, a pile of memories and a small bunch of scoldings.

Vishali Gopal, 2008

It was an experience of joy and sorrow and a wonderful journey.  Vijay sir was always worried about our studies.

Sonali, 2008

I joined the School in 1995.  As a child I was crying and wondering why my parents wanted to keep me away from them.  With the passing of time, I learnt the value of education, value of friendship and responsibility, although I was very irresponsible.

I never liked being in uniform but now I value it.  It is to show that we are equal and united. The uniform was our sign for who we are and what we are to do.

Aakash Khampa, 2008

I was a timid girl and this School made me bold, strong and courageous.  I discovered my life which was so evident but hidden.  I loved the morning assemblies.It made me realize that God is beside me illuminating my path to righteousness.

I made many friends with contrasting characters but we all blended very well.  Teachers here are very talented and have really inspired me.  I hope I will be able to leave the footprints on the sands of time.

Tenzin Lhamo, 2008