Commonly Asked

Does your school offer any extra curricula activities?

Yes. External providers offer before, during and after school lessons like Martial Arts, Sports etc

What are your class sizes?

This varies from class to class but most classes are between 35 – 40 students per class

What makes the School of Education programs unique?

Over the years many gifted men and women of God gave their invaluable time, resources, energy and even lives to make significant contribution towards fulfilling the vision of this School. At this point of time in the history of Day Star School we consider this as a tremendous privilege to carry on the vision with renewed commitment i.e. to transform lives through education. One of our core beliefs about education is not just imparting syllabus based knowledge about the universe but also to help every child in discovering his/her ultimate purpose of life found in the Creator alone.

When should I apply?

Please refer to the homepage Click here to download


How do I submit an application?

To submit an application, you can download the student’s admission forms. Click here to download

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