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Educational Philosophy

The school is a place of communication – to communicate values and ideals and allow interaction based on these values and ideas. It is a place where we should feel comfortable to ask questions, express opinions, and allow change to take place from within.

The school is a place where individuals are encouraged to make choices based on truth and reality. These choices should lead them to find a meaning and purpose in life and thus create a community and society that upholds and respects life in all its fullness. The purpose of the school is to help individuals think and recognize truth and to challenge them to be dedicated to truth in all areas of their lives and to pursue excellence in all they do.

This school wants to help individuals to face the difficulties of life’s problems, to learn to delay the gratification of self – interest, and to assume responsibility for their actions and to realize that satisfaction is a by-product of service and real happiness comes from selfless giving.

To achieve this purpose for the school, we need to have long and short-term goals, which can be assessed, criticized and pursued realistically.

We believe that patience and the creative talents of the teachers play a vital part in helping the child realize his/her full potential. We want to help the child to think and ask questions in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. We as adults ask ourselves the questions “How much effort are we making to communicate and how do we respond to children’s questions”. Not every child is going to be brilliant academically, so there is a need to help those who have a desire to grow and are gifted in other areas.

We believe that instead of individual competition, there is a need to encourage team spirit through group activities and group learning. Our extra-curricular activities are based on team spirit. They help the children learn to relate to others, to say “sorry”, “thank you”, to cope with defeat and to take victory in the right spirit. Drama, Music, Sports and other socially productive activities give opportunities to those who are not academically brilliant to prove their abilities.

Every child during his/her stay at the school will go through different phases of growth that are normal to human beings. We feel a greater responsibility to help them find their identity and self worth as they grow up and discover themselves. We believe that there is a need to teach them about the phases of sexual maturity and the value of friendship. We need to see them through their insecurity and help them emotionally to become mature adults.

Our school wants to give children the opportunity to respond to historical truths, to look at events and people and be able to discern the truth. We believe that there is an absolute truth, which can be known, experienced and lived out. We want the school to become a place where the search for this truth is encouraged.