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Ashish Home

Brief History

Ashish means Blessings!

Ashish Home started as a Church project, now taken over by the School, for managing it. This Home houses children from Lahaul, Spiti, Pangi and Kullu regions,

This little place which had a small beginning in a two room house with 6 children has grown to be a very comfortable home for 20 children, with maximum capacity for 24 (12 girls and 12 boys). Has a four floor building for this purpose.


A home away from home to,

  • Cater to the needy from far flung regions of Pangi, Lahaul and Spiti.
  • Make education accessible
  • To help and care for one another.
  • To inculcate values.
  • Provide a Home and safe environment for the neglected.
  • Help with career guidance and placements.


Are need based, decided only after talking to the Parents or Guardians. Having a local guardian based in Manali is compulsory.

Life At Ashish Home

Ashish Home provides a homely atmosphere, with a blend of boarding and homely environment, children have freedom to change menu, cook or help in cooking and maintenance of the Home. Children who left Home after their studies come back to spend their holidays, it is really a home to them.

We create a family atmosphere in the midst of children from different parts of the country and different strata of the society and make them feel part of each other’s lives, to help and care for each other, to show them God’s love and concern…to bring them up in the fear of God, to discipline them when needed and look into each person’s need at an individual level…. To give that extra attention when they were sick…..to teach them about adolescence, to make sure that the parents were involved as much as they could so the child did not feel neglected

Daily Prayers and values taught are taken from the Bible. Children at Home are from different social, cultural and economic back grounds. They go to different Schools around Manali. Children who cannot afford to pay the fee are given concessions.

Children are allowed to go to their local guardians/parents during their long weekends and holidays.


Ashish Home is taken care by three regular staff.

Shakuntala is a warden/parent/supervisor who looks of after the day to day affairs of the Home.

Premdasi cooks and Madan takes care of maintenance of the Home.


Ashish Home is a very lively and refreshing place; many visitors have said this, makes one feel happy.

Our desire is that this home be used for needy children who want to study or be trained for some vocational skills to earn a livelihood. We also want this home to become a place where value education is experienced. It also has the potential for short retreats for school staff and as a temporary study centre for children who are preparing for exams and have no space at home.

Children at the home come from different economic backgrounds, about half the children are supported by the friends of school. Support is not a fixed amount, it can be any amount, periodic or one time as per the donors desire.

One can also get involved by giving their time, by supervising their studies, organizing their play time or helping the staff, which will allow them some respite from the work.